How to Optimize a Website for Google Search Fast (11 Steps)

by Nikita Shevchenko

Did you ever wonder how to optimize a website for Google search fast?

In this quick post, I am gonna share with you eleven tricks that will help your website rank higher in Google and bring consistent traffic to your blog.

Here they are:

Verify Your Website With Google

The very first thing you need to do to optimize your website for Google search is to verify it with the search engine.

We will use Google Search Console(GSC).

Step #1: Head over to Google Webmaster Tools and click on the “Search Console” button.

How to Optimize a Website for Google Search Fast

Type in your website address and click on “Add Property“.

search console add property how to optimize a website for google search fast

You will get the HTML tag, copy and save it.

copy html tag how to optimize a website for google search fast

Step #2: Use RankMath SEO Plugin to finish the verification process

  • First, get RankMath here.
  • Then,  go to Admin Panel-RankMath-General Settings and choose Webmaster Tools
  • Next, paste the code in the “Google Search Console” field, scroll down and click “Save Changes”.
  • Finally, go back to Google Search Console and click on “Verify”.

You are done!

Now, let’s create XML sitemaps that will help Google better index your site.

Step #3: Generate XML maps and add them to GSC.

You probably ask yourself:

How can XML sitemaps help me optimize my site for Google search?

The XML sitemaps play an important role in SEO and help your content rank higher in Google SERP. (Source)

Google( and other search engines) will be able to crawl your website more efficiently and rank your content the right way.

Here is what you should do:

Step #1: Create Google XML Maps

The first thing you should do is to click on RankMath – Sitemap settings. You will see the general tab. Adjust the settings as on the image below:

rankmath sitemap settings how to optimize a website for google search fast

You may also find the tabs called “Posts” and “Pages“. Click on each of them and leave them ON.

include in sitemap how to optimize a website for google search fast

Note: I’ve just shown you the general way of sitemaps customization. If you wish to go further into detail I suggest you to use this manual.

Step #2: Add XML Maps to Google Search Console

First, log in to your Google Search Console and click on the “Add/Test Sitemap” button(at the top right corner).

add sitemap button how to optimize a website for google search fast

Then, type in the map URL in the box and click Submit.

submit sitemap how to optimize a website for google search fast

And you are all set!

Let’s optimize your URL structure now.

Go with SEO-friendly Permalinks

Changing the your website permalink structure has to be nice and clean. It increases the user experience and SEO.

The question is:

How do you set up SEO-friendly permalinks?

Hrad over to Admin Panel-Settings-Permalinks.

Click on the Post Name option. Then “Save changes“.

That is it!

dashboard permalinks postname how to optimize a website for google search fast

Note: This tip applies to only BRAND NEW websites. Do not change the old website’s permalink structure unless you know what you do.

Create 5 Response Posts

Reserving the top spot on the Google search page becomes tougher and tougher. The competition can be as harsh as it gets.

So how can a new and tiny website start to rank high in Google?

Meet response posts!

These are the posts that answer some very specific questions that users tend to ask.

The competition is really low so it much easier to get in the top 3 results or even become 1st!

You may follow this plan:

Step #1: Find long-tail keyword with low competition

For this type in your industry-main keyword in Google search bar and see what Google will suggest to you.

Google Suggest keywords how to optimize a website for google search fast

When you see a good example click on it and see what else can Google offer you.

You may also use Wikipedia and find some nice long-tail keywords.

wikipedia article keywords how to optimize a website for google search fast

Anyway, before creating any piece of content you should do extensive keyword research.

Step #2: Analyze competition

First, Install a MozBar extension.

Next, type in your long-tail keyword in the Google Search tab.

Then, check the top results with the MozBar’s help.

If you see that all of them have tons of backlinks and domain authority it is a sure sign NOT TO write content on that topic yet.

moz bar pro statistics for the website how to optimize a website for google search fast

Finally, if the top search results tend to be outdated posts from small websites or niche-forums it is a green light!

You can easily kick them off by writing a decent blog post.

Step #3: Write your response post

Response posts can help you get the first positions in Google search and gain additional trust for your new blog.

These are the basic rules you need to follow when writing them:

  • Sweet and short. 1000-1500 words are enough.
  • Straight to the point. Answer the questions clearly and precisely.
  • On-Page SEO for an additional ranking boost.

Build a Thorough About Page

About page tells people(and search engines) who is behind the blog. It builds your blog’s credibility and serves as a trust-sign for Google.

Creating About page is one of the first steps I recommend to do for  Google E-A-T optimization.

You probably wonder:

What should an ideal About page look like?

  • It should be Long and informative
  • It should contain a unique value proposition(UVP)
  • It should have original photos
  • Your professional credentials should be there too
  • Don’t forget about the contact information

Write More In-Depth Articles

As you probably heard before, Google hates short posts. In fact, thin content destroys website SEO ruthlessly. (Source)

You already know how to do a basic competition analysis in online marketing. You should also know that longer articles tend to rank much higher than short pieces of content.

Here are the main results long and informative articles will help you to achieve:

  • Traffic. Each longer article will bring a bit of traffic to your blog and gradually increase the overall number of visitors.
  • Trust. Helpful and actionable posts build trust between you and your readers.
  • Google’s love. All blog posts, that are optimized for Google, tend to be longer.
  • SEO. Longer articles are much better for your website SEO. (Source)

The question is:

How long exactly should be an article?

I personally go with at least 1500 words(usually it is about 3000). It helps me rank for hundreds of different keywords. Despite the fact that I don’t publish very often on this blog.

Increase Organic CTR Fast

No matter how high you rank on Google, if your article does not get clicks it loses traffic.

Try these awesome tips to get people’s attention:

  • Include your target keyword in the title
  • Add some power words and modifiers
  • Add a couple of  numbers and signs
  • Write a benefit-driven description
article title optimized for organic ctr how to optimize a website for google search fast

Win Rich Snippets

Rich snippets can bring big traffic to you website.

They are those blocks of information you may see at the top of the Google search result page.

google featured snippet how to optimize a website for google search fast

Now you probably ask yourself:

How to earn those featured snippets?

The recent study suggests you doing as follows:

  • Provide clear answers
  • Link to trusted sources (more on that later)
  • Write long and informative posts
  • Optimize for mobile (more on that later)

Support Your Content With Authority

Anytime you write a blog post, it should be supported with evidence.

The greatest thing you can do for establishing trustworthiness is to link out to authority sources. It is also good for SEO. (Source)

outbound link to trusted source how to optimize a website for google search fast

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile SEO is crucial right now. If fact, more than 50% of web searches are performed via mobile devices.

mobile devices vs desktops how to optimize a website for google search fast

The fastest( and most efficient) way to optimize your blog for mobile devices is to install a premium WordPress theme that is highly optimized for mobile.

Fortunately, there are tons of options you can find on the web.

This website is operated on GeneratePress.

Increase Your Website Speed

Website speed is one of the most important Google ranking factors. (Source)

I’ve recently created a detailed guide that helps you increase your site performance step by step.

But if you are short on time here are the key takeaways:

  • Reputable web host (I use Siteground)
  • Fast WP theme. (Mine is GeneratePress)
  • Compressed Images (SiteGround helps me here)
  • Caching technology (SiteGround help me here again)

And this is the result I was able to achieve by following these tips: gtmetrix speed score how to optimize a website for google search fast

Note: If you tend to use many images it will make your website slower. There is no way around it.

Backlinks are still really important for ranking high in Google. (Source)

The question is how do you build backlinks fast?

Let’s take a look at these 3 ways.

Way #1: Guest Posting

1Find the blogs that accept guest posts

Use these search strings:

  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “write for us”
  • Keyword “submit your content”
guest post google search string how to optimize a website for google search fast

Or find some long lists of websites that accept guest posts.

guest post list search how to optimize a website for google search fast

2Find out what kinds of blog posts they like

For this, read the guidelines.

Pro Tip: If you want to get published on a very authoritative website, guidelines are not enough. You have to analyze their best articles and other guest post articles to build a formula for your success.

3Send a pitch letter

The elements of the pitch letter may be:

  1. The headline of your article
  2. Short draft
  3. The area of your expertise
  4. Other examples of your guest posts
  5. Your author bio

4Write your post

Use some of the best SEO copywriting techniques and create a killer post. Include a couple of backlinks(if it is allowed) in the post body and Author Bio.

When the article is accepted go for another industry-related blog.

Way #2: Best of Lists

They are great because their sole purpose of existence is linking out to other web pages.

1. Find resource pages

You may use these search strings:

  1. “Keyword” + inurl:links
  2. “Keyword” + “useful resources”
  3. “Keyword” + “best”
  4. “Keyword” + “top”

2. Outreach

Let the guy in charge know that you have a great piece of content that can make a great addition to his list. The response rate is usually high enough to get you a couple of links after ten outreach letters.

Way #3: Broken Link Building

First, install a special extension.

If you use Google Chrome, go with “LinkMiner”.

link miner google chrome how to optimize a website for google search fast

Next, visit popular pages.

Or any other pages that have lots of outbound links.

Check the links on the page using an extension. There should be at least one broken link.

blog page broken links how to optimize a website for google search fast

Then, contact the guy in charge

Let them know that they have some broken links and you have a great replacement for them.

Note: If all links on the resource pages are fine, you may still persuade the website owner to add your website/article to the list.

And this is it!

Now you know how to optimize a website for Google search fast.

Which tip are you going to use first?

Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

Also, add me on LinkedIn or follow me on Instagram, I share some useful stuff there 😉

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