How to Promote a Blog: 25 Most Effective Strategies (2021)

by Nikita Shevchenko

In this post, I am going to show you how to promote a blog the right way.

Specifically, you will see 25 powerful techniques that you can use right now for building consistent traffic to your blog.

Let’s get started!

1. Publish More High-Quality Posts

Publishing great content regularly establishes trust with your audience.

Producing more high-quality content also helps you target more keywords your readers are searching for, which will obviously help you grow your traffic from search engines over time.

High-quality content can also lead to numerous organic backlinks that are REALLY important for SEO. (Source)

The more quality content you publish the better.

That said, you should also consider other blogs for publishing, which leads us to the second strategy.

2. Utilize Guest Posting

I cannot emphasize enough how guest posting is important for blog promotion.

If you have a brand new blog with no traffic and traction, guest blogging can be one of your best chances to build consistent and targeted traffic.

There certain rules that you should follow in order to get the most out of this strategy:

  • Publish niche-relevant websites only
  • Avoid spammy blogs
  • Do not plagiarize

Follow these rules and you are good to go.

Now let’s see how you can approach guest posting exactly:

1 Find the best guest blogging opportunities

Use the “Keyword + guest post websites list” search query.

keyword plus query string google search bar how to promote a blog

2 Choose a  promising blog from the list and go check the new authors publishing guidelines

guest post writing guidelines how to promote a blog

3 Reach out to the editor

You may consider adding the following elements in your letter:

  1. The headline of your article
  2. Short draft
  3. The area of your expertise
  4. Links to your other guest posts
  5. Author bio

4 Write the guest post

Make it as good(if not better) as on your blog.

Let’s move on to the next strategy!

3. Old Content Revival

If the old content does not bring the traffic you deserve you may consider giving it a new life.

There are many reasons for updating your old articles:

  • Google loves the fresh content
  • More new content = more keywords
  • You keep your audience informed

It is a fact, that updating old content can boost your rankings and help promote your blog. (Source)

You probably ask yourself:

How exactly can I update my old blog posts?

Below are the tips you can start with:

  • Add/Update images and videos in your blog posts.
  • Include relevant information that is up-to-date
  • Add more actionable tips and strategies
  • Reduce the fluff

4. Content Syndication

Content syndication is the process of getting your blog content republished by a third-party website.

It is a win-win strategy because you give your content a wider exposure and third-party websites get fresh content on their side.

Some of the best places you can republish your content on are:

#1 LinkedIn. A giant business and employment-oriented service that allows its members to publish articles that add value to their profile and build their credibility over time.

nikita shevchenko linkedin article how to promote a blog

#2 Medium. It is an online publishing platform that helps you publish(and syndicate) blog posts effortlessly.

articles published on medium how to promote a blog

#3 Business2Community. It is another great platform to republish your content especially if it is business-oriented.

But content syndication is not the only thing you can do with your blog post.

In fact, you can give them any different forms by transforming them.

5. Blog Post Transformation

The principle of blog transformation is simple:

You can use one of your blog posts and turn them into:

  • Videos
  • PDF Checklists
  • Ebooks
  • Audios
  • PPT Slides
  • And more

Here is how you can do it:

First, you pick up a blog post you want to transform.

blog post title 1 how to promote a blog

Then, you decide which form you want to turn it into. I usually go with PDF Checklists that compliment articles.

Next, you create it by yourself or ask Fiverr guys for help.

pdf checklist based on article how to promote a blog

You can repeat the steps with as many blog posts as you want and share your new content across different web platforms. It will help you promote your blog and increase site traffic.

Now, let’s take a look at how other people can help you promote your blog.

6. Blogger Outreach

Email outreach is one of the biggest parts in blogging.

Let me tell you one thing:

Blogger Outreach is an Art

It takes hundreds of email letters to master and can bring you numerous benefits. Whether you want to acquire backlinks, get your content shared by influencers, or just get notices by them.

Here is how to promote a blog with blogger outreach:

1 Find influencers

Use a directory of blogs called AllTop. It features the best blogs in any industry you can think of.

alltop blog how to promote a blog

Select 10 best blogs in your industry.

2 Get noticed

Getting noticed can be a tough challenge especially if you are a new guy in the industry.

The steps below will increase your chances dramatically:

Step 1: Follow Them on Social Media

Follow the influencers on every social media page they are in.

This simple technique alone will tell them that you are a legit fan.

Step 2: Leave Comments Everywhere

They have just posted a new blog post? Leave a comment!

They have released a new video? Leave a comment!

A new tweet from them? You know what to do 🙂

influencer post comment how to promote a blog

Step 3: Share Their Content On Social Media

Usually, comments are not enough.

You need to go further and share their blog posts across your social media channels.

3 Reach out

Step 1: Capture an Email Address

Use and capture the influencer’s email. Type the blog URL the app will show you all email addresses connected with the domain. tool how to promote a blog

Step 2: Send a Letter

Tell the influencer how you love their work and mention what benefits you got after reading their stuff.

This letter can be a final push that will help you get noticed by A-level bloggers.

Later you will be able to use this connection for promoting your own content and even cooperate with them.

Note: This strategy usually takes a lot of effort to execute. Top bloggers get hundreds of emails every single day. So take your time and don’t give up.

7. Double Down on Visual Assets and Design

There are more than 600 million blogs in the world today. (Source)

That’s right.

So in order to stand out, you need to use all the shots you have. Two of the biggest of them are your Visual Assets and Blog Design.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Blog design. Get a high-quality WordPress theme. It should be fast, secure, and visually stunning.

I use GeneratePress here on NikitaShevchenko. It will cost you around 40$/year and won’t let you down.

You can use this link to get a 10% discount.

generatepress themes how to promote a blog
  • Visual Assets. Make sure you create visually appealing images, graphs, and charts. Make them informative. They should compliment your text-based content.

You also need to SEO optimize your visual assets.

Check this Image SEO Guide that will help you build additional traffic sources to your blog.

Now let’s make sure that your website brings many mobile users.

8. Mobile SEO

Did you know that nearly 58% of users prefer using mobile phones to access websites? (Source)

mobile devices vs desktops how to promote a blog

This means that you need to optimize your website for mobile.

My beginner-friendly Mobile SEO Guide will walk you through all the necessary steps.

In case you are curious, these are the main tips from the guide:

  • Install a responsive theme. You already have done it if you followed the previous step.
  • Fix website crawlability issues. You can use Google Search Console to get access to this data
  • Increase mobile site speed. You can do it by switching to a faster hosting provider and reducing image sizes.
  • Optimize fonts and buttons for smartphone screens. Fonts should be legible and buttons must be optimized for fat fingers.

9. Increase Organic CTR

If your post ranks high enough in Google and gets really few clicks, what good is it for you?

You need to increase your organic click-through-rate(CTR).

Let’s see how you can do it:

  • Keyword in the Headline. It helps with SEO. It also sends people a strong signal that this is exactly what they were looking for.
  • Numbers. Include numbers in your headlines. They help attract the reader’s attention.
  • Power Words. Use power words such as powerful, best, new, awesome, and so on.
  • Benefit-driven Description. Tell the reader what will he get if he reads your post.
article headline and description how to promote a blog

Another tip I can give you is to try this headline analyzer tool.

It will check your article headline and hook you up with a score + additional tips for its improvement.

10.Tap on Popular Q&As and Industry Forums

These places are true goldmines for online marketers of all sizes.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider this strategy:

  1. They are the source of Long-Term Traffic
  2. They let you establish yourself as an Authority.
  3. They can get you noticed by major publications.

I myself like to use Quora:

1 I type in the keyword

2 I look for good questions with a decent amount of followers

quora picking the right questions how to promote a blog

3 I curate an answer that adds value and stands out

quora answer by nikitashevchenko how to promote a blog

I also like to use Industry forums  and post answers there from time to time:

warrior seo forum nikita shevchenko answer how to promote a blog

11. Create Content that Influencers Enjoy

You have already made a great effort and get yourself noticed by industry leaders and influencers.

Now it is time to reap the rewards.

You can promote your content to those people.

Will they share all the stuff you offer? Heck, no!

If you want influential people to promote your content, you need to publish posts that appeal directly to that group.

The question is:

How to find out what influencers are most likely to share with their audience?

Do the research!

Here is what you can try:

  • Check their own content. What do they like to write about? What is their passion?
  • Check the sources they usually link to. As simple as it gets. If your influencers typically link to sources that cover industry statistics why not publish original data and pitch it to them?
  • Check what information they share on social media. What kind of content do they prefer to share across their social media channels?

Use these strategies to find out what your niche influencers enjoy most and leverage your copywriting skills.

12. Spy on Your Competitors’ Traffic Sources

A great way to discover not so obvious traffic sources that work great in your specific niche is to spy on your competitors’s traffic sources.

This way you can understand where exactly they get the audience you so desperately want to find.

In order to do this, you can use one of the best free SEO tools on the market called SimilarWeb.

It can show you where your competitors get their traffic from:

website traffic menshealth report similar web

You can then decide whether you want to follow their path or discover some untapped traffic sources by yourself

13. Create Data-Driven Content

Here is the deal:

Data-Driven Content is one of the Best Link Magnets on the Web

Let me explain my point. When anyone from your niche, let it be an industry influencer or a random guy works on a new piece of content they need DATA to refer to.

Every high-quality post needs data to support the statements mentioned in it.

All you need to do is to publish content that is packed with original data.

The only downside of this strategy is that it takes a lot of time and effort to conduct thorough research and create a blog post around it.

So it is something you should think about before jumping into this strategy.

14. Email Marketing

Let me tell you this:

Email List is Arguably Your Blog’s Most Valuable Asset

Let me explain how to promote a blog with email marketing:

Step 1: Build the List

An extensive email list can easily become the strongest traffic source.

Use the techniques below:

  1. A Bribe Method. It is when you offer something to your readers in exchange for their emails. A simple PDF Checklist will do.
  2. A Sign-Up Box. It is a create-and-forget technique. It does not work nearly as good as the bribe method but can bring you a decent number of new subscribers if you pay attention to its design and unique value proposition.
  3. An Exit Popo-Up Window. Yes, it can be irritating sometimes. Yes, nobody likes them but here is the thing…they WORK!

Step 2: Build Trust

  • Share helpful stuff with your audience.
  • Encourage them to ask questions and give detailed answers.
  • Respond to every email.

Step 3: Promote Your Stuff

Promote your content!

Send them the best posts you have. The ones that can really help them solve their problems.

Now, let’s take a look at how to promote a blog with video marketing.

Hint! Videos are exploding right now and do not go anywhere soon.

15. Video Marketing

Step 1: Shoot and Edit

Do not make this step overcomplicated.

A simple 5-10 min. video based on one of your articles will do.

Keep in mind, expensive equipment, latest laptop version, and professional editing software are NOT required.

Step 2: Video SEO

Use these Video SEO tips:

  • Write keyword-rich title, description, and meta tags
  • Say the main keyword in your video(a couple of times)
  • Remove a YouTube script and replace it with manual video transcript
  • Improve CTR. Good thumbnail and enticing titles.

Step 3: Promote Your Video

Promote your video using the following resources:

  • Blog
  • Email newsletter
  • Q&A websites and niche-related forums
  • Other blogs

16. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the first tips you can hear other online marketers suggest you use.

I believe in its potential too but it takes considerable time and effort to execute.

This strategy is also not as powerful as it used to be 5 years ago.

That said, a vibrant social media profile may bring steady traffic to your website where you will be able to convert them into new customers.

Let’s break the process into three simple steps.

Step 1: Create and Optimize New Account

Pick up only ONE platform at the very beginning.

It is the best option for beginners and solopreneurs who have limited time and budget.

I have already given you an example of a small online store that sells Montessori-friendly toys in one of my previous articles.

And I suggested going with Instagram.

montessori toy store instagram how to promote a blog

1 You Create a Profile in 5 min.

And optimize it for Instagram SEO a little bit.

2 You Publish About 10-15 First Posts

No one will follow a blank page.

3 You Connect With People Who Care

Share short posts. Spice them up with emojis and share real value.

Step 2: Build Trust

Set up a publishing schedule and stick to it.

Post helpful and useful content that resonates with your readers.

Step 3: Promote Your Blog

I know that Instagram is not the best way to promote your blog. One link to your website in the description sometimes is not enough.

But you know what?

A, your real Insta fans do not need a link to find your blog.

B, 99% of links places in Facebook posts get buried by the platform’s algorithm.

We are talking about branding and trust here, rather than placing useless links everywhere possible.

17. Collaborate with Other Bloggers

If you followed the 6th strategy in this guide that describes you how you can get on the radar of industry influencers you are ready for this strategy.

Bear in mind:

  • Your blog should contain top-notch content.
  • Ideally, you also need to be featured on other industry blogs. (See the 2nd strategy)

When the above tasks are executed you can start working on your big project.

And when you have a worthy idea, let the influencer know about it.

Send a very personalized letter that will describe your future project and benefits for the influencer if he/she decides to cooperate with you.

18. Reply to all Comments

A simple strategy that does not take a lot of time from you.

The reasons why you should reply to all comments are:

  • Build trust with your audience
  • Returned blog visitors
  • Encouragement for new blog visitors to leave comments.
  • It is good for SEO which leads to higher rankings. Higher rankings = More traffic.
respond to blog comments how to promote a blog

19. Publish at the Best Time

Publishing time matters!

When you hit the “Publish” button you want to get as many social shares and backlinks as possible within the first 24-72 hours of its life.

Therefore, I advise you to publish new content at a specific time that fits your target audience.

You can use Google Analytics and find out where most of your blog visitors come from.

Then, determine the best publishing time possible based on their preferences, not yours.

20. Keep an Eye on New Trends

Current trends and exploding topics are huge!

You get a great chance to stand out and acquire recognition among industry experts.

You free tools like Exploding Topics to be the first in the line and cover the topic.

discover exploding topics tool how to promote a blog

21. Participate in Podcasts

It is one of the untapped strategies that many bloggers forget about.

Find out if this strategy is applicable to your industry and act.

  • First, find the niche-related podcasts
  • Second, reach out to the show hosts
  • Third, participate in one of the episodes, bring your A-game and promote your blog to a new audience

22. Speak at Events

If you really know your stuff, events are a way to go.

You can showcase your expertise and promote your blog and new projects simultaneously.

This quick guide can be a good place to start.

23. Comment on Other Blogs(The right way)

Blog commenting is a wonderful way to promote your blog, especially now.

Sounds paradoxical, doesn’t it?

Actually, there is not so much competition because so many have dismissed blog commenting as a blog promotion strategy.

I’ve already mentioned in this guide how you can get noticed by industry leaders using simple blog commenting.

Below are the main elements of a great blog comment:

  1. Personalized greeting. A short, friendly greeting with the correctly spelled name will do
  2. Compliment. Write a little compliment-paragraph
  3. Added value. Write something that can be beneficial to the blogger and his readers
  4. Promise. Don’t forget to mention that you will share the blog post with your audience

Now, would not you be pleased to receive this kind of comment from a stranger?

24. Launch a Giveaway Contest

This strategy works great for bloggers of all levels, from beginners to industry leaders.

Here is hot to promote a blog with a giveaway contest:

  • Create something valuable(ebook, course, offline product, and so on)
  • Ask your blog visitors to do what you need(share a blog post, share a link to the main page of your blog, and so on)
  • Find the winner using a random number generator
  • Send you gift and ask the winner to share it to

25. Publish Reader Case Studies

This strategy takes a lot of time and dedication BUT it builds your authority and credibility like nothing else!

Try to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Find Someone Who Needs Help

Encourage your readers to leave comments on your blog and send you personal emails that mention their questions and things they most struggle with.

This way you will know exactly what your readers are looking for.

Step 2: Offer Personal Help

Send the message to your reader and offer help.

This is going to be a mutual agreement where you help them out and they, in return, agree to be the participants of your case study.

Help them as much as you can. There should be a prominent result upon completion.

Step 3: Share The Case Study With Your Audience

Now that you have done such a tremendous job, it is time to share this experiment with your readers.

They will see that your tips are applicable and work great. You become an authority.

They will also understand that you are the guy worth following.

And this is it!

There you have all 25 strategies on how to promote a blog effectively.

Which strategy from this guide do you want to start with?

Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment section below.

Also, add me on LinkedIn or follow me on Instagram, I share some useful stuff there 😉

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