SEO Copywriting: 9 Proven Tips for Great Articles (2021)

by Nikita Shevchenko

The process of blog launching is not a secret anymore. Composing the right type of content optimized for people and search engines – that’s the case!

If you are able to produce a compelling piece of content, not only will it elevate your website in search engine rankings, but also boost your authority position and build the reader’s trust.

In this detailed guide, I am going to show you the very best practices you can use to level up your SEO Copywriting skills.

Do you want to make your next article go viral?

What about getting traffic and search engines’ love?

Then, let’s start!

#0. Do the Research

Before you even think about the keywords or a title for your next piece of content, I strongly suggest you do proper topic research.

You see, the internet nowadays is full of garbage!

What people and Google really want to see is a well-researched, optimized and informative content.

To provide such a thing, you cannot let yourself skip this crucial step.

How to do proper research before writing an article?

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit some niche-related forums and/or Q&A websites and check what questions are being raised.
  2. Ask your friends, colleagues or readers what they would like to know more about.
  3. Check your competitor’s websites to find out what they are working on.
  4. When following Step #3, it’s important to think about how you would improve their content. What would you add or get rid of?

This technique is called the Skyscraper Technique.

the scyscraper technique seo copywriting

Now as you have some ideas about your next article, it’s time to use some authoritative resources for building the core ideas.

The reason why you should do it is the more references you have in your article, the more authoritative and reliable it is.

Link to those resources in your article, so people and Google know that you spent much time and energy to compose something of value for THEM.

Broad Research = Trust&Authority

Now you are ready to get to the next step in SEO Copywriting!

#1. Find Keywords in Unobvious Places to Rule the SERP.

There are lots of ways of finding great keywords.

It is what ALL respected marketers do after they finish doing research on the topic.

Nice long-tale keywords are haunted by SEOs.

Good news is that you don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to form the semantic core for your next piece of content.

Here are the places I personally visit, to get nice keyword ideas:

Place #1. Forums

People use them to find answers, thus the questions they use are usually precise and keyword-rich.

keyword in the forum seo copywriting

Place #2. Q&As.

I love Quora!

The audience there is smart, goal-oriented and tend to ask precise questions.

Choose your niche and point your attention to the most popular questions.

Pro Tip: Bookmark the questions with the keyword you are interested in. When you finish the article, write short helpful answers, and embed the link, pointing to your article.

quora answer with embedded backlink seo copywriting

Place #3. Online Course Platforms.

Places like Udemy are top marketers’ magic wand!

The curriculum to the course is FULL with great keyword combinations.

Here is what you need to do:

– Choose your niche:

udemy category seo copywriting

– Pick the best selling course:

udemy course search for keyword seo copywriting

– Choose the keywords from its table of contents:

udemy course content search for keywords seo copywriting


Now as you have done a broad topic and keyword research, it’s time to create a radiant title!

#2 Create a Title People Can’t Help But Click On

“What makes a good title that web surfers can’t ignore?”

I have heard these questions lots of times. It never gets old and outdated.

Whether you are writing an article for your website or want to be published in an authoritative magazine, a great title is vital!

Below I let myself mention what elements a good competitive title needs to survive in the SERP and drive Website Traffic:

Element #1: Numbers

google serp numbers in the article title seo copywriting

It’s one of the secret strategies that copywriters have been using for quite long.

There is no need to find the reason WHY it works, it simply does.

So why not to try to add some digits in your next post.


“25 ways to lose fat fast”
“11 reasons why hiking is good for you”
“These 15 simple recipes made my day”

Pro Tip: You may go even further and add some “%” signs. It is one of the best ways to show readers the benefit they will get if check your article.


“Increase your email list by 450% using this simple method”

Element #2: Title Tag Modifiers

These little guys look like a good Italian suit on a man. They can give your title its own uniqueness and charm.

You definitely should use them in your title tag. Not only will they make it more competitive, but also help you to rank for extra long-tail keywords.

google serp title tag modifiers in the article title seo copywriting

Below are some of the finest title tag modifiers for SEO Copywriting I saw:

  • Best
  • Definitive
  • Detailed
  • Ultimate
  • Step-by-Step
  • Guide
  • Updated
  • Mind-blowing
  • Essential

Grab any of them and use in your next article’s title.

You may also pick up a couple of powerful words from this list.

The result will be higher your expectations.

Want even more?

Element #3: Viral Title Templates

Here are some of the best viral title templates that attract visitors as the flower attracts bees:

–  When You Learn About__ You’ll _____ I Tried ___. The result was shocking
–  When You Learn About ___ You’ll _____
–  I Tried ___. The result was shocking
–  Want to know what makes_____ 10x Better?
–  Here Are 15 ___ That Were hidden from you
–  Use These 20 Simple Hacks For More ____. #3 Is Mind-blowing

Feel free to use any of them, or create your very own based on their structure.

Let’s get straight to the next SEO Copywriting technique.

#3 Meta Description For Better Visibility

Great Meta-Description is you Title Tag’s best friend.

Make sure you do everything right by using these strategies:

#1. Include your target keyword in it.

Your target in the title description is always bold, it makes it more eye-catchy. Additionally, it’s good for your Website Optimization.

google serp keyword in the meta description seo copywriting

#2. Make it benefit-driven

The reason to follow this advice is obvious.

If people don’t see the benefit in your title or meta description, why would they even click on it?

#3. Emotional description = Outstanding description

If there is no emotion in your words, the title and description will look like yet another piece of plain text with no spark in it.

Make your potential readers FEEL what they read.

How to do it?

Use descriptive adjectives!

  • Amazing
  • Terrific
  • Mind-blowing
  • Brilliant
    you name it.
google serp emotional words in the meta description seo copywriting

– Research – check
– Keyword Research – check
– Incredible Title – check
– Meta Description – check

Now let’s look at what does it take to create a SUPER article.

#4 Meet SEO Copywriting 101

By following previous steps in this article you finally got some eyeballs on your piece of content.

Now what?

Now it’s time to find out how you can make your article written in such a way, that people will think you are a “Game of Thrones” co-author.

Apart from the basic principles like:

“Use a friendly and engaging tone”
“Share value with your readers”

Ask yourself how much of help the article brings to them

There are also less know strategies to apply.

Below I mention the must-have elements of a highly optimized article, later we will take a close look at each of them.

Meet the SUPER article elements!

Create an “OMG” Introduction

The role of a well-written introduction cannot be exaggerated. It defines whether you win your readers or you lose them.

There is no third option!

great introduction is an important element in SEO copywriting

Divide your article into sections. Make them benefit-driven

There are quite a few things that can be more boring than reading an article with no sections at all.

You’d better also make them benefit-driven (It’s something not many bloggers do)

article section title 1 seo copywriting


A good conclusion is like an introduction reflection.

It helps you make readers satisfied by hammering a final spike into your railroad.

It also works as a hook to get your visitors coming back to your site, again and again.

Keep it short, keep it precise, keep it straight to the point.


In a nutshell, you need to use:

– Short paragraphs
– Short sentences
– Simple words and phrases

Share calls to action along the post

They are like the army of your personal little soldiers that fight for your social recognition.

I myself made the social sharing buttons float, so the readers can share the article at any time they want.

And finally, drumroll…

Content upgrades

No matter how great your content is, it can be improved!

Content upgrades are one of the few things that separate BIG players from amateurs.

pdf lead magnet in the article body seo copywriting

Those were the elements I generally include in all of my articles, now let’s look closer at some of them!

#5 Create an “OMG” Introduction

The bad introduction makes people hit the “back” button and never return to your site.

Main Consequences:

  1. Short dwell time
  2. Huge bounce rate

And we all know that:

the result does not satisfy the search query seo copywriting

Short dwell time + Huge bounce rate = LOWER RANKINGS

Say thanks to Google RankBrain.

A good introduction, on the other hand, makes readers want to scroll down the page and find out what’s down there.

So make sure you carve it with passion.

Here are the action steps for creating a great introduction to your article:

  1. Start talking to a reader from the very first sentence
  2. Briefly describe what you are going to show the reader in your article
  3. Stick a call-to-action to the end of the introduction
    call to action in the post introduction seo copywriting
  4. Use interlinkingarticle introduction interlink seo copywriting
  5. Include your target keyword within the first 100 words
keyword in the article inroduction seo copywriting

#6 Divide Your Articles Into Benefit-Driven Sections

Even the most determined reader will eventually lose interest in your content unless you divide it into sections.

Each section represents a big idea, point or tip you want to share with your visitors.

Here are 3 steps to make your section names thrive:

Step 1. Use <H2> and <H3> tags for them.

Step 2. Make them benefit-driven.

Remember when I mentioned earlier that showing benefit to your readers makes them scroll down the page?

Subheadings are not an exception!

Mention the reason WHY they need to take a look at the particular section.

Step 3. Last, but not least. Create a beautiful banner for each of your subheadings.

Don’t forget to reduce the size of a banner for increasing Website Speed.

Sure, it’s gonna take WAY more time to produce a piece of content. But you know what?

It is totally worth it!

Your article will get yet another element of uniqueness.

Tell you what, I sometimes remember the author ONLY because of the banners they used!

#7 Use Transition Phrases to Not Lose the Reader’s Attention

Transition words help us to make readers engaged and increases the level of retention.

Some of the finest transition phrases are here:

–  Would you believe
–  On the other hand
–  Here’s the deal:
–  For example
–  Bottom line
–  Want to know the best part?
–  As you can see

You might be wondering:

Where should you put them?

Anywhere you feel right!

When I revise my articles before publishing them, I use transitional words between the long paragraphs, so as not to make readers bored.

And here we come to the conclusion optimizing!

#8 Write the Conclusion Using These Powerful SEO Copywriting Tricks

Different bloggers and writers use different combinations when writing final parts for the articles, yet the key elements of a perfect conclusion are ALWAYS the same.

What makes a great conclusion to the article?

#1 Summarization

The first element is the most obvious one. The good conclusion sums up all the information outlined in the guide.

It presents some final suggestions and tips.

#2 Call to action

Call to action is something that all successful marketers use. They can be placed almost anywhere within your website.

One of the best places to put the call to action is the conclusion!

When the reader has finished reading the entire article and didn’t leave the site, you probably guess that he/she likes it!

Ask them to share it by clicking on social sharing buttons at the end of the article or on the floating bar.

You may also encourage readers to write comments by asking them to leave questions or suggestions.

encouraging people to leave comments in the conclusion part seo copywriting

#3 Freebie

Best marketers know how important it is to build a solid email fan base.

One of the best and proven ways how to do it is by offering a freebie to the readers.

pdf lead magnet in article conlcusion seo copywriting

Don’t let your readers leave your site with empty hands. Bribe them with a gift.

Win the conclusion, win the long-lasting impression!


You already have learned LOTS of useful SEO Copywriting techniques.

The next few methods will bring your game onto absolutely another level!

#9 SEO Copywriting. Advanced Techniques

Below are the strategies I recommend to follow only when you learn the previous steps in this article.

Check them again so as not to forget and let’s get to the job!

The first advanced technique I urge you to try is a content upgrade.

Advanced SEO Copywriting Technique #1: Create Enticing Content Upgrades

As I said earlier, content upgrades are one of the few things that separate PROs from amateurs.

This SEO Copywriting method has been long recognized by field experts as one of the best ways to create an extensive email-list and build trust with your audience.

The concept is simple. You create a PDF workbook, e-book, cheat sheet, you name it.

Upload it on your website and offer it in exchange for the reader’s email.

You can leverage this technique by using one of the best email list building products – Thrive Leads.

The reader is happy, you are happy, everyone is happy.

Advanced SEO Copywriting Technique #2: Use Beautiful Icons

We are all visual creatures, that is why many top marketers extensively use images in their articles.

Yet not many recognize the value of icons that go along with the article structure.

The icons give your article appearance extra 10 points and make it memorable.

One of the best places to get icons is Flaticon.

There you can find thousands of high-quality icons for your content and make good use of them in the future.

flaticon search bar seo copywriting

Advanced SEO Copywriting Technique #3: Create Your Own Keyword

To tell you the truth, this technique is the only one on the list I have not tried yet.

However, the benefit of using it is amazing!

Lots of successful SEO’s use this method to reserve Google’s #1 spot.

Here is the process:

  1. Make up your own word(name of the strategy, method or technique)
  2. Write an article about it and make it your target keyword.
  3. Promote

All of these strategies will help you achieve great results and make people stay on your blog longer.

That’s it!

Next time you type in that word or phrase in the search, you will find your article in the FIRST spot of Google.

Advanced SEO Copywriting Technique #4: Improve CTR with Google Ads

If you ever struggled to find powerful phrases that will increase your organic CTR here is the solution:

Type in your target keyword in the Google search tab and check out Google Adsense results.

Chances are that you will notice one particular word or phrase a couple of times. Use it!

Advanced SEO Copywriting Technique #5: Use LSI Keywords

LSI Keywords can help you boost On-Page SEO and better its exposure at the same time.

LSI Graph generates them when you type in your main keyword in the tab.

Sprinkle those keywords across your article and you are set!

Which tip in this list can you use right now?

Leave your comment below.

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